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Application for Accessible Parking Permit Demand DE permit de stationnement pour personnel handicap BS Complete this application and take to a Service Ontario center or mail to: Service Ontario, P.O.
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. 2.1 You are making a request for a disabled parking permit and: an applicant is a person who is 60 years of age or older; or for a disabled parking permit, an applicant is: an individual who is a citizen or permanent resident of Canada or who is a permanent resident who has been granted status in Canada; or a disabled person who has a valid medical certificate from a licensed physician; a senior with a valid and current certificate from an appropriately licensed elder care home, as well as the owner of the vehicle (where applicable) and a person who has a disability that is reasonably related to their job or profession; a person with a disability is the owner or is responsible for the maintenance of the disabled vehicle; an applicant has a disability that is related to their job or profession; a disability is related to a person's job or profession; an applicant is using a motorized wheelchair; a person with a disability is using a motorized scooter; or a person with a disability who is using a motorized wheelchair has a condition that would prevent him or her from parking the vehicle in a public place. 2.2 It is important that your request be completed on a single piece of paper, with accurate information about your personal and business circumstances and about your need for a disabled parking permit for accessible parking. 2.3 Upon receipt of your application you will be emailed or mailed a Demande de permis de stationnement pour personnes handicap es, if applicable. Make sure you enclose your Requeste de permis de stationnement pour personnes handicap es (see section 2.3); a copy, if necessary, of your valid Canadian driver's licence. 2.4 Your request must include your correct email address and your mailing address. Your request must include your address and telephone number. 2.5 There is no processing fee for disabled parking permits 2.6 If you are entitled to an accessible parking permit in another municipality in the same region, you cannot obtain one in Ontario; you will be charged a nominal fee (maximum $11.50) for a disabled parking permit a disabled parking permit will not apply under any circumstances. 2.7 If you are under 21 years of age and you intend to apply for disability parking permits in Ontario, you must obtain written parental consent, as discussed in the Ontario Guidelines for the Provision of Access

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Sorry about stable parking permits okay my mom's going yeah you're leaving here everyday though yeah when you go to work yeah when she goes up the street to her therapy you're not supposed to be parking there don't know she's in the car you realize that I know as long as she's driving I didn't say I want to answer any questions Stephanie Street near University and Sundas is one of many streets where almost everyone is parked for free we watched for days as this car for instance parked there regularly not even the parking officer would tag it because it has an accessible parking permit, but we dug a little deeper the car is registered to a man in his 40s the accessible permit belongs to a woman in her 70s, so we waited it out to see who's driving it around five o'clock this guy showed up why are you using a table permit if she's not in the car she is in the car right now she's not, but she's the one who comes down with me to work park here now she's in the car you realize that right no no you got a look at the permit process according to Toronto police suspected misuse of the permits is way up in 2014 police seized 823 misused permits by 2016 that number had grown to 1350 or a jump of more than 60 police say they get all sorts of excuses they didn't know that they can't use the disabled permit when the permit holder is not there and abuses we've also had many cases where the permit holder is deceased and the family continues to use the permit like a family pass that's causing big problems for people who need the spots we struggle daily someone in a wheelchair definitely has their challenges throughout a day, and it only makes it that much more difficult the number of permits issued by the province keeps rising a hundred and twenty-four thousand in Toronto alone back on Stephanie Street these two woman parks displaying a permit they admit is their mother's, but they deny any wrongdoing no no she brings her in right now we need yeah later yeah in the meantime they're using her permit to park for free as for the other guy he's back where did your mother go, and we've dug a little deeper turns out he works just steps from where he's been parking for free do you feel like you're abusing it no I don't listen I'm not abusing anything you shouldn't even be pointing that out these are the accessible parking permits we're talking about they allow the permit holder to park almost anywhere almost anytime and always for free, but police say misuse is rampant they have an eight-person team that's cracking down on suspected miss users take a look this is them in action he wanted to use it to park illegally enforcement officers Scott Wylie suspects something doesn't add up here this couple park near the Eaton Center on the dash of their SUV an accessible parking permit it belongs to an elderly relative whose nowhere in sight they claim he's inside the mall, and they're only parked there to pick him up until Wylie calls their bluff stop lying she's already told...


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